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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cruise Ship of the Month Highlight: October 2013 (MSC Divina)

October's Cruise Ship of the Month, MSC Divina.
It's hard to believe we're in the tenth month of the year and have another vessel sailing into this month's spotlight as cruise ship of the month! On the Facebook Fan Page last month, I hinted that October's honor would be donned onto a ship from the MSC Cruises fleet and here she is folks, MSC Divina.

Recently launched just last year in 2012, she is the largest vessel to date MSC Cruises has dished out onto the high seas; and it looks like the company is using her size to fit right into the 'larger than life' contemporary cruising puzzle of North America. This fall, MSC Divina will call Miami, Florida her new home port and sail an array of Bahamas and Caribbean voyages. And unlike previous fall/winter Caribbean seasons when MSC Cruises deploys back to European waters, MSC will stay on this side of the pond...permanently! That's right, MSC Divina will be calling Miami, Florida home all year round allowing many more to experience the Italian cruising flare of MSC in the Caribbean for endless opportunities! You pumped? I know I am!

So what are you waiting for? Her debut to the States is just under a month away and I know I can't wait to come across her one of these days! Just in case the video above hasn't raised your eyebrows in amazement, be sure to check out her own webpage on MSC Cruises' website. There, you can view deck plans, all her amenities and find a sailing that'll best suit you and your family! Miami's newest diva will be awaiting your arrival. As I always say, your ships await and MSC Divina may be just the vessel that'll take your love of cruising into a new dimension! Until we talk ship again, keep cruising and grooving!


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